DAY OF THE GIRL- October 11th 2014

October 11th is Day of the Girl. We must end these poisonous ways of thinking. We have to END domestic violence, sexual assault (all forms of harassment), rape, acid attacks, rape culture, child brides,victim blaming, societal double standards, stereotypes, FGM, no access to medical care (people let girls die because they don’t see them as important as boys), equal pay (walmart pays women less for the exact same work), equal rights, girls not having a right to education, objectification, killing girl children, forced prostitution. Many of the strippers you see in clubs you think are free. Many times they are FORCED. Prostitutes are SEX SLAVES AGAINST THEIR WILL. Right here in the US and all over the entire WORLD. Where you think those missing girls go? Millions of women and girls die everyday because of discrimination. Look at the statistics. LOOK! WE ARE NOT LESS THAN WE ARE HUMAN. On today, I challenge you to change something about the suffering of women and girls all over the world. How? Choose one thing. For example, I will stop using the word “bitch” to describe people when they piss you off. Doing this changes more than you will know. Make a change because there are so many wounds; half the world is just bleeding and that’s why so many are so cold. Ask me for help if you need.