PSA: Girls be Brave

This is a PSA that Sheikia Norris and I worked on with a select group of young women and men from St. Karen’s High School in Patna, India. The students asked what issues we face as women in America.  We explained a few and then together we shared examples of harassment that we as women face in our societies. Once we began to share we found many issues to be the same. We then brainstormed ways to combat the issues. One solution was for staring. I told the girls this was happening to me a lot in India. This happens in America but the degree  and the way in which it is done was different in india. When I mustered up the courage to stare them right back in their eyes, they cowered. I said  “you do this too and they will think twice, make them uncomfortable as well.” For this particular PSA we chose street harassment with the hope of encouraging parents and the community to support girls in their decision to stand up for themselves. Conclusively, we pledged to stand up for ourselves (the young women in the group) and to support  those who stand up for themselves, encouraging boys and men to end oppressive behavior. ‘