What is Art?

A conversation started by my best friend Ciprian Gontea aka Radio. We were talking about art and decided that we would write down what we thought art was to each other, share it and then discuss it. And, I will add to delete…for the very same reason of the explanation of art 😀


Art is love. Art is understanding. Understanding the process of life. Always growing and changing. Art is the soul. It is the essence of humanity. It is play. Serious play. Serious exploration, trial and error. It is the invisible curves the wind forms as it blows in unpredictable directions. It is turning a mistake into a learning example. Art is the connection and work ethic between my mind, body and soul. It is the ethereal. It is a miracle. Death follows shortly after art. The absence of art is the absence of life and light. Art is choice. Not shaving my legs in a dress is art, art challenges. It shapes the mind and connects the signals. Art is the manifestation of God.




One response to “What is Art?”

  1. Art is easily and difficultly for me to define from time to time, and that is because my emotions vary like any other human’s does .So that would have to be a fact in defining art . The honest expression of one’s feelings through different forms known as art. Wether experienced or novice , technically advanced or beginner ,young or aged, the manifestation that ends with the product is more or less eye catching and harmonious . it is at the very least an attempt at displaying sensitivity . Art is also saying a lot about the artists way of being in real life. Art is about sharing .Without sharing egoism waits around the corner and is claiming a gift that was given by God.